The 10 Worst Skilled Nursing Homes in WILMINGTON, North Carolina

This list ranks the ten worst skilled nursing homes in WILMINGTON, North Carolina based on the most recent inspection results.

Below is a list of the top 10 WORST skilled nursing homes in WILMINGTON, North Carolina. This list is based on the nursing home's health inspection scores (alse referred to as the "weighted all cycles score"). We also show the home's 5-star overall rating in the list. (If a nursing home has been flaged by CMS for abuse, we will added an icon () to the home to indicate this.)

The data is based on the dataset as of May 1,2024.

Name Health Inspection Score / Overall Rating
Universal Health Care / Brunswick
214.167 / 1:
Premier Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
189 / 1:
Autumn Care of Myrtle Grove
171 / 1:
Liberty Commons N and r Ctr of Columbus Cty
130.5 / 1:
Northchase Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
87 / 2:
Accordius Health at Wilmington
86.667 / 1:
Azalea Health and Rehab Center
80.667 / 2:
Liberty Commons Rehabilitation Center
78 / 2:
Liberty Commons Nrsg and Rehab Cntr of Southport LLC
73.333 / 1:
Davis Health Care Center
63.5 / 2:

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