What is Nursing Home Database?

Our goal is to make information about skilled nursing facilities easily accessible and helpful for seniors, relatives helping a senior, and industry professionals. The data is derived primarily from The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid ("CMS").

CMS produces an enormous amount of data on skilled nursing facilities and updates the information monthly. But, to be able to use the data, you have to have servers available and data storage and a good understanding of how databases work to be able to make sense of the data. You also need to update the data monthly and keep everything so that you can look for trends. That is a lot do and something that most people that need this data can't or won't do. NursingHomeData turns the CMS data into useful information. There are more than a hundred thousand pages on this website that we built to help you understand what is going on with all the skilled nursing facilities in the United States.

If you are are power user of the data, we can help too. We can export the data in whatever form you like, typically Excel spreadsheets. This includes spreadsheets, custom web pages, or APIs.

What are Skilled Nursing Facilities?

Skilled Nursing Homes (commonly referred to as "SNFs") are part of a continuum of care for seniors in the United States. The continuum starts with independent living, where senior live housing that looks very similar to apartments. Most facilities offer meals service, maid services, and additional services for a fee. The next level is assisted living and group homes/personal care homes (“PCHs”) where there is round the clock nursing to assist seniors but the resident is not either seriously ill or recovering from surgery. The highest level in the continuum of care, and most expensive, is skilled nursing. SNFs which more closely resemble hospital rooms than apartments. Most skilled nursing home stays are for recuperation or rehabilitation following a hospitalization event. Skilled nursing provides supervised 24-hour per day monitoring and intense rehabilitation work that is not possible in a hospital setting but is also more intense than someone would receive living at home. Our database includes more than 15,000 skilled nursing facilities.

What is the Source of our Database?

The primary source for our data is The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid ("CMS"). CMS provides monthly updates to a database of more than 15,000 skilled nursing facilities across the United States. The data that is available goes back more than 8 years. It includes information on each skilled nursing facility, each owner and manager of a skilled nursing facility as well as information on penalties and deficiencies. The provider data includes several ratings for the facilities, including health inspections, nursing hour analysis, and overall conditions.