About Us

At nursinghomedatabase.com, we are a group of data engineers who are dedicated to providing useful information to senior health care consumers, residents, friends, family and organizations in the industry. Our goal is to turn complex data into clear insights. We want seniors health care data to be more accessible and understandable. This starts with skilled nursing homes but extends to everything that concerns a senior.

As the greatest generation enters retirement and beyond, the issue of senior health care is growing in importance. How to manage the increasing demands of a population who will significantly outlive their predecessors will be important for everyone. Having good information will be critical to making good decisions both on the individual and the general policy level.

We focus primarily on skilled nursing home data published by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). However, we integrate state agency data when possible to provide fuller information. There is a wealth of useful data, but it is often difficult to interpret.

With over 3 million data-driven pages and growing, we create reports and analysis to help inform seniors, families, caregivers and industry organizations. We want to make difficult healthcare decisions easier by arming consumers with knowledge.

Our reviewer Richard Saunders oversees our team of engineers to ensure we publish meaningful, understandable pages. We feel this CMS data is valuable but challenging to decipher. By continuously working on new ways to present it, we unlock its potential to empower informed choices

Richard Saunders

Richard Saunders is a data engineer with a passion for making sense of information. By day, he builds queries and analyzes data, always seeking new insights. He researches thoroughly, asks probing questions, and tests things extensively himself to get to the heart of how well something works and whether it lives up to its claims. Every review tells a story, reveals something new or unexpected that he uncovered through careful study.

When he's not reviewing or extracting wisdom from data, you can find Richard enjoying time with his family, including many rescue pets. He likes both cats and dogs. Their different personalities always astound him. Compassionate, analytical and always curious, Richard brings a unique perspective to every review.

We're still trying to get a photo of Richard