Results of the September 2016 CMS Nursing Home Compare Data

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ("CMS") has released new data on nursing home updated for the month of September 2016 (file date is October 1, 2016). Here is what the data shows:

  • Rating change volatility increased in September with 1,644 upgrades and 1,221 downgrades, a net positive change of 423. (see list)
  • Twelve facilities were rated for the first time in the database. (see list)
  • The number of facilites with seriously delinquent inspections increased by 16.7% or 42 facilities.

New Additions to the Data

One home was added in the data in September, SAUNDERS MEDICAL CENTER in Wahoo, Nebraska. The data also shows 12 nursing homes with their first inspection (link to the list of the nursing home with new inspections).