Keith Harrop INTERNAL MEDICINE Reviews and Ratings

  • Date Updated:  June 27, 2024
  • Specialization:  INTERNAL MEDICINE
  • Other Specialties:  NONE
  • National Provider Number (NPI):  1093080418
  • Final MIPS Score:   58.3
  • No. of Doctor Groups:   2
  • No. of Affiliations:   9
  • Med School:  OTHER
  • Year Graduated:  2011

  About Keith Harrop

KEITH HARROP is a specialist in INTERNAL MEDICINE. No other specialties were noted. Keith Harrop attended OTHER, graduating in 2011. He maintains 2 office locations. He is a part of 2 medical groups. He is affiliated with 9 medical organizations (including hospitals, hospices, and skilled nursing facilities).

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  Explanation of Specialties

KEITH HARROP is a specialist in INTERNAL MEDICINE. No other specialties were noted.

INTERNAL MEDICINE: General internists provide primary care to adult patients. Internists usually have more hospital-based training than family practitioners. They may have an office-based practice or work as a hospitalist primarily seeing patients in the hospital. These physicians attend medical school followed by an internal medicine residency. Internists may then choose to pursue a fellowship to sub-specialize in a variety of other areas, like endocrinology (hormone-related conditions) or cardiology (heart-relat... (more information)

  Keith Harrop Performance Measures

Final MIPS Score 58.3
Final MIPS Score without CPB 49
PI Category Score
IA Category Score 40
Quality Category Score 40

MIPS is an acronym for Merit-Based Incentive Payment System. Authorized by the Medicare Access and CHIP Reaouthorization Act of 2015, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services ("CMS") developed MIPS to reward clinicians for the value of care they provide rather than the volume of care, quality over quantity. The MIPS final score determines a provider's Medicare Part B payment adjustments. MIPS also created a means for consumers to rank providers.

MIPS scores are calculated using four performance categories, quality, cost, improvement activities, and promotion of interoperability. Higher scores are better.: The highest final MIPS score is 100.

There is no measure or activity data for Keith Harrop.

  Office Locations and Phone Numbers for Keith Harrop

The NursingHomeDatabase database has 2 office locations for Keith Harrop.

SALEM, VA 24153


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