Skilled Nursing Ownership Information for WADE BISHOP

Average 5-Star Rating for WADE BISHOP: 5.00

Summary Information about WADE BISHOP

As of 07/01/2022, The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ("CMS") associates WADE BISHOP with 1 skilled nursing facility. The average overall rating for skilled nursing homes associated with WADE BISHOP is 5.00 stars. The total number of deficiencies associated with WADE BISHOP is: 6. Nursing homes associated with WADE BISHOP had a total of $21,030.

No skilled nursing homes owned or operated by WADE BISHOP have been identified by CMS as being involved with possible abuse .

Nursing Homes Affiliated with WADE BISHOP

Table below shows each skilled nursing home that WADE BISHOP is associated with, the nursing home's overall 5-star quality rating and provides a link to a comparison on the home to its local competition.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid uses nine categories to indicate how owners and managers are affiliated with skilled nursing facilities: 5% Or Greater Direct Ownership Interest, 5% Or Greater Indirect Ownership Interest, 5% Or Greater Mortgage Interest, 5% Or Greater Security Interest, Director, Managing Employee, Officer, Operational/managerial Control, and Partnership Interest. These categories are shown in the table below.

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Skilled Nursing Facility Location Beds
Rappahannock Westminster Canterbury

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Skilled nursing homes with the red icon () are homes where CMS had indicated that abuse has actually occurred or is likely to have occurred.