Nursing Homes Near Beaver City Manor Ranked by Health Inspection Score

Updated as of August 01, 2023

Choosing a nursing home for yourself or a loved one can be a daunting task. You want to ensure that the facility provides quality care, a comfortable living environment, and a range of amenities to meet the needs of the residents.

People looking for a nursing home are not going to compare nursing homes across the country or even across the state. The competitive set of nursing homes that you are likely to consider are all going to be within a small geographical area; the nursing home will be either close to where the prospective resident currently lives or close to where friends and loved ones live. (Remember frequent, extended visits from friends and family are a crucial part of the recovery process for anyone residing in a nursing home.)

This list below shows all of the nursing homes within a 25 mile radius of Beaver City Manor. This is basically the competitive set for the nursing home. The report is ordered based on the most recent CMS health inspection score, from best to worst. No nursing home is perfect, but the homes on this list are where you will want to start if you are looking in the area of Beaver City Manor.

The report shows two different summary scores for each nursing home. The report is ordered by the most recent CMS health inspection score. (This score is a crucial component of the CMS 5-star rating program, but is not often shown.) The CMS health inspection score is a single number that is calculated using each provider's current health inspection and the last 2 prior inspections, as well as findings from the most recent 3 years of complaints or facility reported incident inspections, and infection control inspections. Points are assigned for each citation given, and are based on how widespread and how severe the issue is. Additional points are added to a citation if the issue was identified during a previous inspection and the nursing home didn't fix it. For the health inspection score, lower is better.

The second metric is the overall rating from CMS' 5-star rating program. This rating is based on all available data on the nursing home and is adjusted on a state-by-state basis. The rating runs from 1 to 5 with 5 being the best rating. CMS also publishes other ratings including a: health inspection rating, quality rating, and staffing rating.

When you click on the link for any of the nursing homes listed below, you will see a detailed page that includes all four of the CMS 5-star ratings, more inspection scores, nursing hour averages, ownership data, Covid infections, and much more.

Name Score
Christian Homes Health Care Center
Holdrege Memorial Homes, Inc
Beaver City Manor
Good Samaritan Society - Colonial Villa
Andbe Home, Inc