• Date Updated: January 31, 2024
  • Address: 3637 OLD VINEYARD ROAD, WINSTON SALEM, NC 27104
  • Phone (336) 794-3550
  • Type Psychiatric
  • Ownership Proprietary
  • Overall Rating Not Available
  • Perc. Patients Recommending N/A


OLD VINEYARD YOUTH SERVICES is a Psychiatric. It is in WINSTON SALEM, NC. Its type of ownership is Proprietary. The facility's Medicare ID is 344007. It DOES NOT provide emergency services. There are 0 medical professionals and 0 doctor groups affiliated with the hospital. We do not have data on average costs for care provided at OLD VINEYARD YOUTH SERVICES.

Patient Survey Results

Below is information compiled by CMS on the percentage of patients who respond to specific treatments and a comparison of the results for OLD VINEYARD YOUTH SERVICES to the national results for similar facilities.

There is no patient survey data available for OLD VINEYARD YOUTH SERVICES.

Cost of OLD VINEYARD YOUTH SERVICES, Compare to National and State Averages

Understanding how much a hospital is going to cost is extremely difficult. Hospitals themselves actively obscure what they charge and have negotiated different rates with different insurers. Then you have the problem of the wide variety of treatments which the OLD VINEYARD YOUTH SERVICES provides.

To provide some standard metric to compare hospital costs, CMS publishes the MSPB (or "Medicare Spending Per Beneficiary"). Even though you may not be on Medicare, this metric may still be useful. The MSPB is expressed as a percentage compared to the national average for costs that Medicare incurs. A percentage higher than 100% means the hospital charges more than the national average while a percentage less than 100% means the hospital charges less than the national average.


We do not have detailed cost analysis for OLD VINEYARD YOUTH SERVICES.


These measures show how often patients at OLD VINEYARD YOUTH SERVICES contract certain infections during the course of their medical treatment, when compared to other hospitals nationally.

Not data on infection rates is available for OLD VINEYARD YOUTH SERVICES in our database.

How OLD VINEYARD YOUTH SERVICES Compares to Other Similar Facilities

This is how OLD VINEYARD YOUTH SERVICES compares to other similar hospitals nationally based on data provided to CMS.

Top Hospitals in WINSTON SALEM, NC

Worst Hospitals in WINSTON SALEM, NC

Skilled Nursing Facilities Near OLD VINEYARD YOUTH SERVICES

Many hospital patients are not ready to return home after a hospital visit. If recovery is going to be protracted, doctors will often advise that the patients recuperate at a skilled nursing facility. Below is a list of the skilled nursing homes near OLD VINEYARD YOUTH SERVICES ranked by their CMS 5-Star Overall Rating.

Facility Name Overall Rating
Westchester Manor at Providence Place 5:
Maryfield Nursing Home 5:
Trinity Elms 5:
River Landing at Sandy Ridge 5:
Silas Creek Rehabilitation Center 5:
Friends Homes at Guilford 5:
Arbor Acres United Methodist Retirement Community 5:
Piney Grove Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 5:
Piedmont Crossing 4:
Davie Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 4:
The Shannon Gray Rehabilitation and Recovery Center 4:
Adams Farm Living and Rehabilitation 4:
Brookridge Retirement Community 4:
Salemtowne 4:
Countryside 4:
Abbotts Creek Center 3:
The Graybrier Nurs and Retirement Ct 3:
Homestead Hills 3:
Trinity Glen 3:
Willowbrook Rehabilitation and Care Center 3:
Yadkin Nursing Care Center 3:
Stokes County Nursing Home 3:
Davidson Health and Rehab Center 2:
Lexington Health Care Center 2:
Magnolia Gardens Center For Nursing and Rehab 2:
Bermuda Village Retirement Center 2:
Camden Health and Rehabilitation 2:
Village Care of King 2:
Walnut Cove Health and Rehabilitation Center 2:
Jacob's Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 2:
Pine Acres Center For Nursing and Rehabilitation 1:
Pine Ridge Health and Rehabilitation Center 1:
Westwood Health and Rehabilitation 1:
Meridian Center 1:
Bermuda Commons Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 1:
Cedar Hills Center For Nursing and Rehabilitation 1:
The Oaks 1:
Willow Valley Center For Nursing and Rehab 1:
Summerstone Health and Rehabilitation Center 1:
Mill Creek Center For Nursing and Rehabilitation 1:
Oak Forest Health and Rehabilitation 1:
Universal Health Care/king 1:

Medical Groups Affiliated with OLD VINEYARD YOUTH SERVICES

There are 0 doctors and 0 medical groups that are affiliated with OLD VINEYARD YOUTH SERVICES.

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