• Date Updated: January 31, 2024
  • Address: 701 EAST 16TH STREET, BERWICK, PA 18603
  • Phone (570) 759-5000
  • Type Psychiatric
  • Ownership Proprietary
  • Overall Rating Not Available
  • Perc. Patients Recommending N/A


BERWICK HOSPITAL CENTER is a Psychiatric. It is in BERWICK, PA. Its type of ownership is Proprietary. The facility's Medicare ID is 394058. It DOES NOT provide emergency services. There are 0 medical professionals and 0 doctor groups affiliated with the hospital. We do not have data on average costs for care provided at BERWICK HOSPITAL CENTER.

Patient Survey Results

Below is information compiled by CMS on the percentage of patients who respond to specific treatments and a comparison of the results for BERWICK HOSPITAL CENTER to the national results for similar facilities.

There is no patient survey data available for BERWICK HOSPITAL CENTER.

Cost of BERWICK HOSPITAL CENTER, Compare to National and State Averages

Understanding how much a hospital is going to cost is extremely difficult. Hospitals themselves actively obscure what they charge and have negotiated different rates with different insurers. Then you have the problem of the wide variety of treatments which the BERWICK HOSPITAL CENTER provides.

To provide some standard metric to compare hospital costs, CMS publishes the MSPB (or "Medicare Spending Per Beneficiary"). Even though you may not be on Medicare, this metric may still be useful. The MSPB is expressed as a percentage compared to the national average for costs that Medicare incurs. A percentage higher than 100% means the hospital charges more than the national average while a percentage less than 100% means the hospital charges less than the national average.


We do not have detailed cost analysis for BERWICK HOSPITAL CENTER.


These measures show how often patients at BERWICK HOSPITAL CENTER contract certain infections during the course of their medical treatment, when compared to other hospitals nationally.

Not data on infection rates is available for BERWICK HOSPITAL CENTER in our database.

How BERWICK HOSPITAL CENTER Compares to Other Similar Facilities

This is how BERWICK HOSPITAL CENTER compares to other similar hospitals nationally based on data provided to CMS.

Top Hospitals in BERWICK, PA

Worst Hospitals in BERWICK, PA

Skilled Nursing Facilities Near BERWICK HOSPITAL CENTER

Many hospital patients are not ready to return home after a hospital visit. If recovery is going to be protracted, doctors will often advise that the patients recuperate at a skilled nursing facility. Below is a list of the skilled nursing homes near BERWICK HOSPITAL CENTER ranked by their CMS 5-Star Overall Rating.

Facility Name Overall Rating
Mahoning Valley Nursing and Re 5:
Heinz Transitional Rehabilitation Unit 5:
St Luke's Rehabilitation and Nursing Center 4:
Allied Services Meade Street Skilled Nursing 4:
Mount Carmel Senior Living Community 3:
Sunset Ridge Rehabilitation and Nursing Center 3:
Smith Health Care Ltd 3:
Mountain Top Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center 3:
Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 3:
Mountain View, A Nursing and Rehabilitation Cente 2:
Shenandoah Senior Living Community 2:
Manor at St Luke Village,the 2:
The Pavilion at St Luke Village 2:
Mountain City Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 2:
Grandview Nursing and Rehabilitation 2:
The Gardens at Millville 2:
Allied Services Center City Skilled Nursing 2:
The Gardens at Wyoming Valley 2:
Riverstreet Manor 2:
The Gardens at East Mountain 2:
Third Avenue Health and Rehab Center 2:
Maple Ridge Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center 2:
Wesley Village 2:
Highland Manor Rehabilitation and Nursing Center 2:
Broad Mountain Health and Rehabilitation Center 1:
Greenwood Center For Nursing and Rehab 1:
Forest Hills Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center 1:
Emmanuel Center For Nursing 1:
Kadima Rehabilitation and Nursing at Luzerne 1:
The Gardens at Orangeville 1:
Birchwood Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center 1:
Lakewood Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center 1:
Bonham Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 1:
Hampton House Rehabilitation and Nursing Center 1:
Kadima Rehabilitation and Nursing at Lakeside 1:
Highlands Rehabilitation and Healthcare 1:
Ridgeview Healthcare and Rehab Center No Data
Glen Brook Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center No Data
Kingston Rehabilitation and Nursing Center No Data

Medical Groups Affiliated with BERWICK HOSPITAL CENTER

There are 0 doctors and 0 medical groups that are affiliated with BERWICK HOSPITAL CENTER.

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We can provide custom data reports based on our database of skilled nursing facilities. Anything from emails to spreadsheets to an API. Bring the data directly into Salesforce or any other CRM.

We can provide custom data reports based on our database of skilled nursing facilities. Anything from emails to spreadsheets to an API. Bring the data directly into Salesforce or any other CRM.