A new domain…

tl;dr: We have launched a new domain (seniorcaredata.com) which will allow us to delve into many other datasets that CMS and others publish. When we first put together the pages for this site, we wanted to answer one simple question: what did all of this data from CMS mean? We had found that the Centers […] →Read more

Inspection Risk Continues for Nursing Homes

CMS just updated their data for nursing homes today and unfortunately the average lag time between nursing home inspections continues to rise. As I noted last month, the average time between inspections has risen significantly during the Covid pandemic. For several months, CMS did not report an inspections. For the month of April, CMS shows […] →Read more

Covid-19 Not the Only Risk for Nursing Home Residents

I held off on publishing this article because I do not want to say something that is inappropriate in the middle of the Covid pandemic. But it seems like a significant concern. Specifically I am writing about the fact that average time since being inspected by CMS continues to grow. As you can see from […] →Read more

Monitor Your Nursing Home

Last month we quietly launched a new feature allowing people to “monitor” a specific senior care facilities. We did this by adding a button below the page heading entitled “Subscribe to Updates to the Facility”. Now we’ve sent out the first emails to our “subscribers”. I thought I should say something about what we mean […] →Read more

The Fault in CMS’ Stars

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”) spends considerable time and effort promoting their Five Star Quality Rating System for Nursing Homes (see here).  They even provide an extensive analysis of how they arrive at their ratings (see here).  The ratings are based on a complicated scoring system that involves multiple factors including: both […] →Read more

Covid Cases in Nursing Homes

Yesterday we stumbled on a new CMS dataset which provides a weekly accounting for Covid-19 infections and deaths in nursing homes.  Strangely this report is not part of the more general set of nursing home reports that we currently retrieve.  The data is supposedly reported weekly though it is not clear when it is published.  […] →Read more