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Data as of March 01, 2020

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JUNEAU, WI 53039

Phone: 920-386-3400

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Medicare Provider Number: 52A461

Participating in Medicare Since: January 20, 2011

No. of Certified Beds: 30

No. of Residents: 16.9



Nursing Homes are scored based on annual health inspections, repeat visits, and surveys conducted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Points are weighted based on the scope and severity of health infractions. Scores are available for the prior three years along with a weighted average of the prior three years. Much of this information is not considered in the five star rating system. As such, scores can be a better indicator of a facilities performance. Cycle scores are not published on the website.

Current Cycle Score (as of February 13, 2019):  8

Weighted Score for Past Year:  7.333

Trend: Declining

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Facility Ratings:

Facility ratings are the most used data point for gauging nursing homes. The ratings are based on performance reviews by the Centers for Medicare and Medicard Services (CMS). The top 10 percent of all facilities in each state receive a 5-star rating while the bottom 20 percent receive a 1-star rating.

Overall Rating: 5:

Health Inspection Rating: 5:

Quality Rating: 5:

Staffing Rating: 1:

RN Staffing Rating: 1:


Current Rating: 1:

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Amount fined in recent period: $0.00

Complaints filed: 3

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