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CMS Five Star Ratings and Quality Measures

Five different rating results plus detailed inspection numbers and quality measures.

Covid Infections at LIMA MANOR

This report is updated weekly and shows new and historical infection levels.

Analysis of Nursing Hours Spent per Patient

How long a nurse spends with a resident can be an important factor in their recovery. This page shows the average nursing hours spent per resident for RNs, LPNs, CNAs, PTs and all licensed staff.

Ownership Details for LIMA MANOR

A list of all of the registered owners for LIMA MANOR. This includes direct and indirect owners and managers.

Noted Deficiencies for LIMA MANOR

A list of all of the deficiencies for the facility. This includes a description, type of deficiency, incident date and when the facility reports that the incident was corrected.

Comparison Ranking of Nearby Skilled Nursing Facilities

How does LIMA MANOR compare to other skilled nursing facilities? This list shows the competitive set within a 25 mile radius order by .

Best Nursing Homes in LIMA

Homes that you should consider. A list ranking the best skilled nursing facilities in LIMA based on their weighted inspection score as of November 01, 2021.

Worst Nursing Homes in LIMA

Homes that you avoid if possible. A list ranking the worst skilled nursing facilities in LIMA based on their weighted inspection score as of November 01, 2021.

General Information:

Data date: November 01, 2021

Address: 750 BROWER ROAD

LIMA, OH 45801

Phone: 419-227-2611

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Ranking: LIMA MANOR is ranked #7 out of 12 facilities within a 10 mile radius and #22 out of 33 facilities within a 25 mile radius.

Medicare Provider Number: 365303

Participating in Medicare Since: April 23, 1974

No. of Certified Beds: 77

No. of Residents: 60.6

Occupancy: 78.70%

Amount fined in recent period: $0.00

Complaints filed: 2

Current Trend: Worsening

Covid-19 Status (details): This facility was cited 2 times during the most recent infection control inspection.

It has been 1 months since the most recent inspection.

The nursing staff of LIMA MANOR (analysis) spends LESS time on average with its residents than the state average and LESS time than the national average for total nursing homes spent per resident.