Harborview Rome: Data Analysis and Ratings

1345 REDMOND ROAD, ROME, GA 30165 (706-234-8281)

CMS 5-Star Rating:

Data as of: August 01, 2023

The Most Important Data about Harborview Rome

We've looked at a lot of nursing homes, this is what we think you need to see first and if you don't want to spend a lot of time. (It's the tl;dr section.)

There is no indication of abuse occuring at Harborview Rome. (CMS flags facilities where abuse has either happened or is very likely.)

CMS 5-Star Overall Rating: (5 out of 5):
(The national average overall star rating is 3 stars.)

Current Trend: Improving

Total Nursing Hours Spent Per Resident Per Day: 3.37
(The national average is 3.76 )

Best Nursing Homes in GA

According to our analysis, Harborview Rome is ranked #2 out of 18 skilled nursing homes within a 25 mile radius. See detailed information from recent inspection reports, nursing hours analysis, surverys, and information on owners and operators. Click here to view the ranked list of nursing homes near Harborview Rome.

What is this page all about?

Below is everything shred of information that we can find about Harborview Rome, along with our best effort to make sense of the data. Our purpose here is to help you to make good decisions when picking a nursing home and to keep you informed once you have chosen a home. We know from personal experience that choosing a nursing home is not something you do once and then you forget about it. In fact, it gets worse. Once you select a nursing home and get through the initial steps of figuring out how to pay for it, then the real worries start. Are they taking good care of me or my loved one? This is the question that will keep you up at night: Can I really trust these people? We wish we could answer this question, we can't. What he can do is churn through the tons of data and try and help you to make sense of it. We hope it helps.

General Data Card

These are the basic data points for the facility.

Data date: August 01, 2023

Address: 1345 REDMOND ROAD, ROME, GA 30165

Phone: 706-234-8281

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Ranking: Harborview Rome is ranked #1 out of 8 facilities within a 10 mile radius and #2 out of 18 facilities within a 25 mile radius.

Medicare Provider Number: 115363

Participating in Medicare Since: January 01, 1989

No. of Certified Beds: 100

No. of Residents: 88

Occupancy: 88.00 % (as of 08/13/2023 )

Amount fined in recent period: $0.00

Complaints filed: 0

Ratings History for Harborview Rome

Review of Harborview Rome Ratings and Inspection Scores

CMS regularly inspects every skilled nursing facility. (The timing is supposed to be annually, but since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, these inspections have not occured as frequently.) The results of the multi-day inspection is reduced to a series of scores which are then translated into the star ratings. The health inspection scores are an absolute value, so you can compare one facility's score directly to another. The Overall Star rating is based on the facility's performance as compared to other facilities in the same state, so you cannot easily compare one facility's Overall star rating to a facility in another state.


Overall Rating 5:
Health Inspection Rating 5:
Quality Rating 3:
Staffing Rating 3:

Inspection Scores

Cycle 1 Score NA
Cycle 2 Score NA
Cycle 3 Score (as of June 14, 2018) 4
Weighted All Cycles Score 1

It has been 9 months since the most recent inspection.

What Goes Into the Nursing Home's 5-Star Rating

CMS has put a lot of effort into creating its very elaborate 5-Star Quality Rating System specifically to provide a quick way for residents and family members to easily understand how well a nursing home is performing and to make comparing nursing homes easier. The rating system allows people to easily compare facilities across numerous dimensions with the express purpose of identifying the best and best performing nursing homes. The rating system was initially developed in 2008 and the methodologies are regularly reviewed and updated.

The rating system has five separate ratings including:

  • Overall rating
  • Health Inspection rating
  • Staff rating
  • RN Staffing rating
  • Quality Measures rating

Nursing homes are rated from 1-star to 5-stars with 1-star being the best rating and 5-star being the best rating. For the Health Inspection Rating the nursing homes in each state are ranked based on their weighted three year inspection score. The top 10 percent of nursing homes (those with the lowest scores) are awarded a 5-star rating; the bottom 20 percent (those with the highest scores) are awarded a 1-star rating. In between 1-star and 5-star, the remaining homes are divided equally into three tranches which correspond with the stars 2 to 4. The staff ratings and quality measure ratings follow a similar process but the divisions are based on a national ranking. The division between star ratings is called the “cut-rate”. Cut-rates are redefined periodically and are published by CMS. See the latest cut rates on this table.

Calculating the Overall Star Rating is done differently. According to CMS, the reason for adopting a different system is to give the Health Inspection Rating higher weight in the Overall Rating. So, since there are FIVE ratings and FIVE stars for each rating, there must also be a FIVE step process to calculate the Overall Rating (so symetrical!) :

  1. Begin with the Health Inspection Rating
  2. Add one star to the Health Inspection Rating if the Staffing Rating is at least four-stars and is higher than the Health Inspection Rating. (We will call this the "Adjusted Rating".)
  3. Subtract one star from the Health Inspection Rating if the Staffing Rating is one-star.
  4. Add a star to the Adjusted Rating if the Quality Measure Rating is 5-stars.
  5. Subtract one star from the Adjusted Rating if the Quality Measure Rating is 1-star.

Throughout the calculation of the Overall Rating, the rating cannot exceed 5-stars. The Overall Rating is capped at 2-stars if the Health Inspection rating is 1-star. No Overall Rating is awarded if the nursing home does not have a Health Inspection Rating (This effectively means that a nursing home is not rated until the home has been operating for more than two years.)

Changes in a nursing homes star rating can be due to the results of a new health inspection report, the processing of new complaints, the aging of older complaints, a new inspection control survey, a revisit, or the resolution of disputes that change the scope and or severity of deficiencies.

Most Recent Nursing Home Inspections

CMS is required to inspect each senior nursing facility at least annually. These inspections take several days. Additional follow-up inspections as conducted as needed or for certain purposes. Inspections stopped for more than seven months in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic. That stoppage has caused all inspections to be delayed as the inspectors continue to deal with a backlog. The table below shows the latest inspections for Harborview Rome including health, fire, and inspection control inspections:

No Inspection Information is Available

Owner and Operator Information for Harborview Rome

Our database of owners and operators shows all direct owners of the nursing nurse, any managers and directors, and the most adjacent indirect owners of the facility (that is, if the direct owner is company, then the owners of that company.) Lists of nursing home owners are available and you can search for nursing home owners and operators on our site.

Business Entity Name:



Managers and Directors:

Analysis of Nursing Hours Spent Per Patient

CMS provides detailed information about how long nursing staff spends with residents. This data includes nursing subcategories of Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, and non-nursing Certified Nursing Assistants. More hours spend per patient should can indicate a better facility or it could indicate more complicated situations.

The nursing staff of Harborview Rome spends LESS time on average with its residents than the state average and LESS time than the national average for total nursing homes spent per resident.

Type Facility State / National Avg
Registered Nurse (RN)
Hours 0.42 0.45 / 0.66
Case Mix 0.31 0.36 / 0.39
Adjusted 0.53 NA / NA
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
Hours 1.14 1.03 / 0.89
Case Mix 0.68 NA / NA
Adjusted 1.24 NA / NA
Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA)
Hours 1.81 1.97 / 2.22
Case Mix 1.95 NA / NA
Adjusted 1.89 NA / NA
Total Licensed Staff
Hours 1.56 1.48 / 1.55
Physical Therapist (PT)
Hours 0.05 0.05 / 0.07
Total Nursing Homes Spent per Resident on Average
Hours 3.37 3.45 / 3.76
Case Mix 2.94 3.11 / 3.17
Adjusted 3.63 NA / NA

Quality Measures

Quality measures are based both on patient survey information and on the results of actual claims that are filed with CMS. It is not clear what period is covered in the measures.

Desc. Perc. State Avg. / Comparison
Percentage of short-stay residents who were rehospitalized after a nursing home admission (qm521) 30.5% 22.6%
Percentage of short-stay residents who had an outpatient emergency department visit (qm522) 15.4% 12.2%
Number of hospitalizations per 1000 long-stay resident days (qm551) 2.1% 1.8%
Number of outpatient emergency department visits per 1000 long-stay resident days (qm552) 0.9% 1.2%
Percentage of long-stay residents whose need for help with daily activities has increased (qm401) 9.0% 16.9%
Percentage of long-stay residents who lose too much weight (qm404) 2.5% 6.5%
Percentage of low risk long-stay residents who lose control of their bowels or bladder (qm405) 55.8% 43.2%
Percentage of long-stay residents with a catheter inserted and left in their bladder (qm406) 0.0% 1.6%
Percentage of long-stay residents with a urinary tract infection (qm407) 1.3% 3.0%
Percentage of long-stay residents who have depressive symptoms (qm408) 0.9% 5.0%
Percentage of long-stay residents who were physically restrained (qm409) 0.0% 0.1%
Percentage of long-stay residents experiencing one or more falls with major injury (qm410) 4.0% 3.4%
Percentage of long-stay residents assessed and appropriately given the pneumococcal vaccine (qm415) 88.9% 91.5%
Percentage of long-stay residents who received an antipsychotic medication (qm419) 19.0% 18.4%
Percentage of short-stay residents assessed and appropriately given the pneumococcal vaccine (qm430) 53.3% 79.4%
Percentage of short-stay residents who newly received an antipsychotic medication (qm434) 2.2% 2.7%
Percentage of long-stay residents whose ability to move independently worsened (qm451) 12.6% 17.5%
Percentage of long-stay residents who received an antianxiety or hypnotic medication (qm452) 23.6% 20.4%
Percentage of high risk long-stay residents with pressure ulcers (qm453) 15.5% 10.7%
Percentage of long-stay residents assessed and appropriately given the seasonal influenza vaccine (qm454) 79.7% 95.0%
Percentage of short-stay residents who made improvements in function (qm471) 85.8% 70.3%
Percentage of short-stay residents who were assessed and appropriately given the seasonal influenza vaccine (qm472) 41.4% 75.6%

Harborview Rome Violations, Complaints and Fines

These are complaints and fines that are reported by CMS. Some of the data is not very recent, but we have decided to include it here so that you have as much information as possible.

Amount fined in recent period: $0.00, Complaints filed: 0

Deficiency Deficiency Date / Date Corrected
Ensure that special areas are constructed so that walls can resist fire for one hour or have an approved fire extinguishing system.
(Fire Safety)
06-12-2018 / 07-27-2018
Have a complete alarm system manually initiated and initiated by fire sprinkler system connection.
(Fire Safety)
06-12-2018 / 07-27-2018
Provide appropriate care for residents who are continent or incontinent of bowel/bladder, appropriate catheter care, and appropriate care to prevent urinary tract infections.
06-14-2018 / 07-27-2018
Properly install and monitor supervisory attachments on automatic sprinkler systems.
(Fire Safety)
09-24-2019 / 10-31-2019
Inspect, test, and maintain automatic sprinkler systems.
(Fire Safety)
10-19-2022 / 12-02-2022

Hospitals Near Harborview Rome

Quite often skilled nursing facilities and hospitals work closely together to help patients recover or manage a terminal illness. Hospitals deals with acute care while nursing homes treat patients for a longer period of time. New residents at skilled nursing homes typically come from a hospital and nursing home residents may be readmitted to a hospital if their recovery does not proceed well. (Hospital readmission rates are closely monitored by CMS.) Consequently it is important that you consider which hospitals are near a nursing home which choosing one. Below is a list of hospitals near Harborview Rome.

This information is based on the most recent Hospital data. Historical data is not available.

Hospital 5-Star Overall Rating
ROME, GA 30162
ROME, GA 30165
Not Available

Medical Professionals Associated with Harborview Rome

These are the doctors who are affiliated with Harborview Rome. The data is from the most recent period. Historical data is not available.

Detailed Analysis Pages:

Depending on the nursing home, this page can get really long. So, we have also broken up the data onto separate pages to allow you to find what you want more easily. We will keep adding to these pages as we continue to analyze the nursing home database.

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Nursing Hours Analysis for Harborview Rome

How long a nurse spends with a resident can be an important factor in their recovery. This page shows the average nursing hours spent per resident for RNs, LPNs, CNAs, PTs and all licensed staff.

Ownership Details for Harborview Rome

A list of all of the registered owners for Harborview Rome. This includes direct and indirect owners and managers.

Noted Deficiencies for Harborview Rome

A list of all of the deficiencies for the facility. This includes a description, type of deficiency, incident date and when the facility reports that the incident was corrected.

Comparison Ranking of Nearby Skilled Nursing Facilities

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