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The most comprehensive and up to date information on OAK HILL HEALTH & REHABILITATION. Information includes Scores, Ratings, and Trends, Quality Measures, Nursing Hours per Resident, Facility Management and Owners, the latest Covid situation, and Other Important Information. Also, see how this facility compares to the local competition.

Current Trend: Worsening

COVID INFORMATION for OAK HILL HEALTH & REHABILITATION: This facility was cited 0 times during the most recent infection control inspection. There have been 0 residents and 1 staff that have been confirmed infected by Covid-19 as of the week ending Nov 07, 2021. New Covid infection counts for OAK HILL HEALTH & REHABILITATION were 0 residents and 0 staff for the week ending Nov 07, 2021 .

OAK HILL HEALTH & REHABILITATION is a skilled nursing facility with 109 certified beds in BROOKSVILLE, FL. It's overall five star rating is out of 5. It's most recent cycle score shows that the facility is staying the same. Occupancy is 13.94%. The owner is a for profit - limited liability company. It is Medicare and Medicaid certified. The facility has been participating in Medicare since 05/04/2021; it's provider number is 106145. OAK HILL HEALTH & REHABILITATION is not a part of a continuing care retirement community. Based on the CMS cycle scores, the facility is ranked #6 out of 6 facilities within a 10 mile radius and #30 out of 30 facilities within a 25 mile radius.

It has been 4 months since the most recent inspection of OAK HILL HEALTH & REHABILITATION.

General Information:

Data date: October 01, 2021




Phone: 765-664-5400

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Medicare Provider Number: 106145

Participating in Medicare Since: May 04, 2021

No. of Certified Beds: 109

No. of Residents: 15.2



#6 out of 6 within 10 miles

#30 out of 30 within 25 miles

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Scores, Ratings, and Trends:

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has developed a detailed methodology for rating nursing homes. Homes are scored based on annual health inspections, repeat visits, and resident surveys. Points are weighted based on the scope and severity of health infractions. Scores are available for the prior three years along with a weighted average of the prior three years. CMS also provides a five point rating system. The ratings are based on the home performance relative to other homes in the state. A state can only have a certain percentage of homes in each level. As such, ratings are quick way to understand how the home is performing compared to other facilities in the state while the scores are an absolute measure of performance.

Cycle 1 Score: No Data

Cycle 2 Score: No Data

Cycle 3 Score: No Data

Weighted Score Cycle Score:  No Data

Trend: Worsening

Overall Rating: No Data

Health Inspection Rating: No Data

Quality Rating: No Data

Staffing Rating: No Data

RN Staffing Rating: No Data

Quality Measures:

Percentage of short-stay residents who were rehospitalized after a nursing home admission %
Percentage of short-stay residents who had an outpatient emergency department visit %
Number of hospitalizations per 1000 long-stay resident days %
Number of outpatient emergency department visits per 1000 long-stay resident days %

Nursing Hours per Resident:

CMS monitors and summarized how much time nursing staff spends with each resident.

CNA: 3.61 hours/resident/day

LPN: 1.56 hours/resident/day

RN: 3.35 hours/resident/day

Total: 8.51 hours/resident/day

Other Data:

Below is other data about OAK HILL HEALTH & REHABILITATION.

Amount fined in recent period: $650.00

Complaints filed: 0

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Ownership and Management Information

Directly held by:


Indirect Owners:

Managers and Directors: