Updated as of August 01, 2020

The list is based on the information provided by CMS from both standard inspections and from complaints filed by residents.

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Deficiency Deficiency Date
Timely report suspected abuse, neglect, or theft and report the results of the investigation to proper authorities. 2019-11-07
Provide timely notification to the resident, and if applicable to the resident representative and ombudsman, before transfer or discharge, including appeal rights. 2019-03-08
Notify the resident or the resident?s representative in writing how long the nursing home will hold the resident?s bed in cases of transfer to a hospital or therapeutic leave. 2019-03-08
Develop the complete care plan within 7 days of the comprehensive assessment; and prepared, reviewed, and revised by a team of health professionals. 2019-03-08
Provide appropriate treatment and care according to orders, resident?s preferences and goals. 2019-03-08
Verify that a nurse aide has been trained; and if they haven't worked as a nurse aide for 2 years, receive retraining. 2019-03-08
Post nurse staffing information every day. 2019-03-08
Ensure drugs and biologicals used in the facility are labeled in accordance with currently accepted professional principles; and all drugs and biologicals must be stored in locked compartments, separately locked, compartments for controlled drugs. 2019-03-08
Procure food from sources approved or considered satisfactory and store, prepare, distribute and serve food in accordance with professional standards. 2019-03-08
Dispose of garbage and refuse properly. 2019-03-08
Provide and implement an infection prevention and control program. 2019-03-08