Most Recent Deficiencies for LAKEVIEW NURSING CENTER

Updated as of January 01, 2020

The list is based on the information provided by CMS from both standard inspections and from complaints filed by residents.

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Deficiency Deficiency Date
Provide properly protected cooking facilities. 2019-09-16
Have simulated fire drills held at unexpected times. 2019-09-16
Have generator or other power source capable of supplying service within 10 seconds. 2019-09-16
Provide exit doors that are held open by devices that will automatically close on the activation of a fire alarm or smoke detector. 2016-12-14
Install corridor and hallway doors that block smoke. 2016-12-14
Immediately tell the resident, the resident's doctor, and a family member of situations (injury/decline/room, etc.) that affect the resident. 2019-01-23
Timely report suspected abuse, neglect, or theft and report the results of the investigation to proper authorities. 2019-01-23
Respond appropriately to all alleged violations. 2019-01-23
Develop and implement a complete care plan that meets all the resident's needs, with timetables and actions that can be measured. 2019-01-23
Ensure that a nursing home area is free from accident hazards and provides adequate supervision to prevent accidents. 2019-01-23
Safeguard resident-identifiable information and/or maintain medical records on each resident that are in accordance with accepted professional standards. 2019-01-23
Provide and implement an infection prevention and control program. 2019-09-19
Honor the resident's right to organize and participate in resident/family groups in the facility. 2019-09-19
Allow residents to easily view the nursing home's survey results and communicate with advocate agencies. 2019-09-19
Encode each resident?s assessment data and transmit these data to the State within 7 days of assessment. 2019-09-19
Ensure each resident?s drug regimen must be free from unnecessary drugs. 2019-09-19
1) Hire only people with no legal history of abusing, neglecting or mistreating residents; or 2) report and investigate any acts or reports of abuse, neglect or mistreatment of residents. 2017-10-19
Have a program that investigates, controls and keeps infection from spreading. 2017-10-19
Arrange for the provision of hospice services or assist the resident in transferring to a facility that will arrange for the provision of hospice services. 2017-10-19
Ensure services provided by the nursing facility meet professional standards of quality. 2016-12-16
Provide care by qualified persons according to each resident's written plan of care. 2016-12-16
Ensure that each resident who enters the nursing home without a catheter is not given a catheter, unless medically necessary, and that incontinent patients receive proper services to prevent urinary tract infections and restore normal bladder functions. 2016-12-16
Have a program that investigates, controls and keeps infection from spreading. 2016-12-16