Covid Cases in Nursing Homes

Yesterday we stumbled on a new CMS dataset which provides a weekly accounting for Covid-19 infections and deaths in nursing homes.  Strangely this report is not part of the more general set of nursing home reports that we currently retrieve.  The data is supposedly reported weekly though it is not clear when it is published.  The most recent date as of today if for the week ending March 14th.

Given the significant attention covid infections in nursing homes has gotten over the past year, we felt it was important to provide this information on our nursing home pages.  

As a positive note, the data (here is a visualization of the information) shows that Covid infection rates have dropped significantly in nursing homes across the country.

The data includes a long list of entries (120 in all) though not all of the fields are provided by each facility.  The most significant data shows weekly confirmed Covid cases and total confirmed Covid cases among nursing home residents and nursing home staff.  This information we are including in the data on individual nursing homes.

We’ll be looking at other ways to show the data too.

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